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1. Lodgi’s Laboratory

Lodgi’s Laboratory is running under strict protocols which ensure Lodgi are getting qualified materials and products is qualifying the standard.

2. National Testing Centre of State Forestry Administration of China

Lodgi shares very close relationship with national testing centre to keep on improving our testing level.

Nanjing Wood-Based Panel Testing Center is the key testing and research centre of wood-based products. And NWPT and Lodgi have been working about 4 years to invent Straw flooring and successfully make the product and test result of the product is relative better than the regular wood-based product.

Lodgi is having an annual lecture in NWPT to train the Lodgi Staff and make sure Lodgi’s Laboratory’s testing method is correct and up to date.

Nanjing Wood-based Panel Testing Center of the State Forestry Administration of China


Nanjing Wood-based Panel Testing Center of the State Forestry Administration of China (NWTC) is an organization authorized by the State Forestry Administration of China (Authorization code: 林工字[1990] No.227) with Gauging Authentication [Certificate code: (2002)量认(国)字(No.V0626)]. NWTC is a nonprofit technical serves state-owned organization with specific legal and third party notarization status. It has been passed the Gauging Authentication countercheck held by Certification and Accreditation Administration of People’s Republic of China in December, 2002.
NWTC was authorized as a testing organization for Environmental Labeling Products by CCEL (China Certification Committee for Environmental Labeling Products) in January, 2003. Certificate Code: L0027. NWTC pass German WKI organization's international laboratory ability confirmation in October, 2004, assigned as the Sweden IKEA group formaldehyde release quantity testing organization; assigned as the CE symbol of wood-based product authentication examination organization by Dutch SKH; assigned as the examination organization by The Italian IG authentication organization. assigned as the formaldehyde release quantity testing laboratory for CARB certification by PFS; assigned as the structural plywood Scheme Q-Mark examination laboratory by BM TRADA Certification Ltd.
Located in College of Wood Science and Technology, NWTC is administrated by Nanjing Forestry University, which carries out its supervision and testing activities independent of products developers, manufactures, users and sellers under the leadership of the department of technology generalization and technical supervision of State Forestry Administration. There are 12 staffs in NWTC including 2 professors, 4 associated professors, 4 lecturers and 2 assistants.

NWTC has two testing labs which totally occupy 240 m2 area, possesses of various testing apparatus and equipments valued more than 2.3 million Yuan, including Shimadzu Computer Controlled Precision Universal Testing machine, Universal Testing Machine for Wood and Wood Products Testing, Model 722 Spectrophotometer, Conditioning Chamber, Formaldehyde Testing Device of Desiccators Method, 1m3 Chamber for Formaldehyde Emission Testing, Testing Device for Defining of Formaldehyde Emission Type FAPE/+60.
Authorized field of testing scope of "0308 wood and wood products, 0309 building board and plywood ", the detection range involves the building board, the lumber and the product total 45 products, 352 parameters.
Specialty of Wood Science and Engineering belongs to College of wood science and technology, Nanjing Forestry University. It is an integrated academic group with plentiful teaching resources and powerful research capability consisting of an engineering academician, 17 professors and 11 doctoral supervisors, and has long-term cooperation relationship with universities and labs of Canada, Italy, Japan, United States and Germany in this area. In the mean time, Specialty of Wood Science and Engineering, with a provincial key laboratory—the laboratory of wood processing and wood-based panel technology, is featured as a brand and characteristic specialty in Jiangsu high education.

For years, NWTC has been working on wood-based panel quality supervision and testing accredited by the State Forestry Administration and the supervision office of Jiangsu Province, and also providing testing serves to society entrustment. NSTC has a wide and close cooperation with Forintek Canada Corp. and Alberta Research Council, Canada.
As a committee member of Wood-based Panel Standardization Committee of China, NWTC has taken charge of compiling 10 industry standards of the State Forestry Administration, has been involved in examination of 18 state or industry standards.

NWTC has set up an effective quality system according to CNAS-CL01:2006 Guide line of laboratory authorization and additive requirements. In terms of Quality Handbook and Procedure Documents, NSTC mainly deals with quality testing of products made of wood materials.


Jiangsu Lodgi Woods Industry Co., Ltd 

Company Profile

Lodgi, which is located in the laminate flooring town of henglin, is the largest laminate flooring manufacturer in Changzhou city.
Our production facility, covering an area of 80,000 M2, we are having over 500 employs and operates several German-made laminate flooring production lines. We manufacture 15 million square meters of laminate flooring and 2 million of other wood flooring every year.

0 year established in 2001
0 thousand Registered capital 50 million yuan
0 acres area 650remaining acres
0 people employee 70

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