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  • Together Towards the Future, t···

    On July 10, 2024, the "Together Towards the Future" 2024 Lodgi Floor Dealer Summit and Brand Strategy Launch was grandly convened in Changzhou, China.···

  • Laminate flooring mimics the l···

    Laminate flooring mimics the look of charred woodWednesday on Sep 19, 2018Flooring can be described as vital component in dwelling dcor. What we stroll on visua···

  • Mr. Shen Mingsheng, the chairm···

    Prestressed steel strands have a series of advantages such as high strength, low relaxation value, can save a lot of metal materials, reduce the size of concret···

  • New fact sheet outlines chance···

    New fact sheet outlines chance of formaldehyde in dwelling laminate flooringWednesday on Sep 19, 2018Falls Church, VAC Does your home havelaminate flooring? Do ···

  • In the home: flooring essentia···

    In the home: flooring essential in selling a householdWednesday on Sep 19, 2018As I lately surveyed a member of the family's dwelling that could have to be ···

  • How to waterproof laminate flo···

    How to waterproof laminate flooringWednesday on Sep 19, 2018Waterproofing your laminate floors could very well assist in keeping the flooring looking like new. ···

  • The advantages of Laminate Flo···

    The advantages of Laminate FlooringWednesday on Sep 19, 2018Laminate Flooring will continue to wear resistance, aesthetics, environmental protection, moisture-p···

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