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About Lodgi

Lodgi, which is located in the laminate flooring town of henglin, is the largest laminate flooring manufacturer in Changzhou city. Our production facility, covering an area of 80,000 M2, we are having over 500 employs and operates several German-made laminate flooring production lines. We manufacture 15 million square meters of laminate flooring and 2 million of other wood flooring every year. Lodgi puts a great premium on product quality. Quality control professionals and inspection procedures at every stage of the manufacturing process ensure that finished products confirm to European Standard EN13329. Our commitment to adhere to ISO9001 quality control and ISO 14001 environmental standard has been a key driver in our ability of making qualified products.

Lodgi has been effectively tapping into our comprehensive marketing network, enabling us to not only distribute our products across China, but also to export to 50 foreign countries.Lodgi places special attention to research and development of new products, techniques, materials and equipment. Each year our factory allocates a major portion of its capital into R&D. Lodgi has over 10 national patents for flooring including laminate, straw and PVC. And we are keeping on innovating new products or new generation products. Our new products Straw laminate flooring have solved the useless problem of the straw for the massive China farmland and also got the highest reward from the China Centre Government.

Lodgi purses Green and Eco-Friendly into every details of our operation. We are running on the system of FSC-COS Chain Custody, to make sure all the material used for production is all green and we are using approved Ultra Low Emission Formaldehyde( ULEF ) and No Added formaldehyde ( NAF ) resin and also we make sure all the materials are lumbered legally by the guide of Lacey Act.

Lodgi takes its social responsibility seriously and we have donated millons US Dollar into School, social welfare homes, old-age homes, children's welfare homes and also donated millons of RMB to help the recovery of the Earthquake and other disasters.

Broad market prospects have resulted from the rapid development of the Chinese floorboard industry and China’s enhanced international trade relations. We are positive about out factory’s ability to win more international cooperation in the future. We therefore welcome interest from floorboard distributors all over the world in establishing the most rewarding business relationships.


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