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The advantages of Laminate Flooring

Wednesday on Sep 19, 2018

Laminate Flooring will continue to wear resistance, aesthetics, environmental protection, moisture-proof, moth, installation convenient, easy to clean care, economic and practical advantages of surface get more consumers of all ages; strengthening wood land continuously improve the quality, products more personalized, art, fashion, beautiful appearance, more environmentally friendly, surface treatment technology more advanced and diversified, to better meet the needs of different markets.
1, wear resistance
Solid wood floor surface generally only about 400 to about, and the more qualified to strengthen the wood floor in more than 6000. Laminate flooring surface is also resistant to scratches and impact resistance, and with flame retardant. Abrasion resistance and impact resistance, and pressure resistance: the corundum to strengthen the integration of decorative wood flooring layer, using special high density fiberboard, wear-resisting, anti shock, anti stress. Strengthen the floor of the most surface of the wear-resistant layer is a special treatment, can achieve a very high hardness, that is, the use of sharp objects such as the key to scratch, and will not leave traces. The biggest advantage of this advantage is in daily life, no longer have to protect the floor and shrink with cold.
2, not easy deformation
Wood floor installation of complex, multi link, the installation is improper, will cause discoloration, tilt, cracking. And strengthen the wooden floor as long as the correct installation, no similar problems.
3, Yi Qingli
Advanced manufacturing processes make it difficult to enter the dirt, so it is easy to clean up. Stains off the surface of the wood material, it is easy to penetrate, and it is difficult to clean up. And the surface of the laminate flooring is completely without the trouble. Because the surface is of special materials, even when the ink drop down, it will not penetrate down, can only stay on the surface, with a mop drag can clean. Even if it is not to do a period of time, do not have to worry about the floor will be damaged.
4, diversity
Solid wood floor due to the material limit, color varieties monotonous, the choice is small. And strengthen the color of wood floors up to 100 kinds of. Give your personalized choice. Variety of colors, can simulate a variety of natural or artificial pattern.
5, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti termite, moisture-proof and anti swelling high density wood fibre board dedicated base material and special environmental protection chemical additives as the performance provides powerful technical guarantee.
6, economy
Compared with other types of wood flooring, laminate flooring has the advantages of price and cost, but also to meet the needs of the vast number of consumers at different levels. Good quality of solid wood floor price in the 300/ yuan square meters, while the laminate flooring is less than three.
7, safety, health, comfort
Good dimensional stability, so it can be used to ensure that in the course of the floor of the gap between the smaller, not easy to play. All materials are the leading environmental protection material, from the substrate to the finished products are no harm to the human body.
8, simple
40 square meters of ground, a person to install a solid wood floor generally 15 days or so, while the strengthening of wood floors only 4 - 5 hours. Wood floors need careful maintenance, and strengthen the floor is not too much of an effort you. It's a floor service, not a man.
9, flatness
After laying the ground as a whole effect is good. Uniform color, good visual effect. Due to the difference in the production process, after the installation of solid wood floor, prone to cracks, uneven, and other issues, and strengthen the wooden floor assembly is very close, seamless no gap, no difference.

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